Do you want to optimise your processes or invest in innovation? Are you facing a sustainable transformation and do you want to make a shift in your business model? Would you like to launch new products, tap into other markets or realise your (international) growth ambitions?

TAG supports your company in transforming your challenging objectives into a successful strategy and project management with impact. Hands-on and 100% tailor-made. Our consultants bring additional expertise to your team and play a crucial role in every phase of the project cycle.

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What does TAG offer?

Strategy Analysis

Everything starts with a sound strategy. We will help you to define long-term objectives to help your company grow. Whether it is a decision on how to 'go to market' with new products, or a decision on IT architecture, TAG will help you drive the strategic decision-making.

Business Analysis

Assessing the current situation and filling the gap between “as is” and “to be”. Based on our analysis we design the solution to solve the gap looking both at existing and build-to-suit solutions. We design, prototype and fine-tune based on our experience and with your approval in every step. We only finish when our customer is satisfied.

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Business Architecture

Do you need support aligning your high-level business strategies with your company’s processes, capabilities and technologies? A business architect offers holistic insight into your business organisation to guide your strategic decision-making and offers support in translating your strategy and vision into a transparent and tangible action plan.

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Portfolio, Program, Project Management

Green light for the roll-out of your project? Fantastic, then our project managers come into action to determine scope, planning and resources. We concretise the ideas and look internally and externally for the necessary resources and people to translate your objectives into practice.

We think and do, activate and motivate all stakeholders to take responsibility. TAG takes a firm hold of your project and is involved in every step towards realisation, from kick-off to aftercare.

Change Management

Does your project look great on paper? It are your employees and teams who ensure that your goals will fail or succeed. The TAG consultants anticipate possible resistance and focus on motivation and acceptance.

This requires a healthy dose of emotional intelligence and a straightforward view of the effort needed over time.

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