Does your company offer secondments and do you need an end-to-end tool to manage your clients, projects and employees? TAG was looking for the same thing.

That’s why we developed Nimbus: a unique platform that combines elements of ERP, ATS and CRM all in one tool. Recruit new employees or track the availability of your existing team, match them with a project and keep track of timing, customer invoices and leave applications. With Nimbus, your business processes become transparent.

Need a tool to manage your clients, projects and consultants as business manager?

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What features does Nimbus offer?

It’s an ERP software tool

Nimbus is perfect for managing projects. Thanks to an integration with their HR platform, SD Worx will automatically be notified when employees request leave through Nimbus and timesheets recorded by your employees are easily uploaded to their platform. To keep a written trail of your approved timesheets, an integration with DocuSign is possible.

As well as an applicant tracking system

Finding the right consultant for the job is never easy. Want to know who is available for a project? Nimbus gives you a clear overview of your team’s availability. Looking for new flexible workforce? Nimbus allows for careful interview and candidate tracking to make the recruitment process easier. To make handovers easy between recruiters, Nimbus includes a digital checklist feature. Recruiters can access the shared checklist to take notes across interviews and indicate which requirements are met.

And it has CRM features

Enter your customers and their requests into the platform and match the right project with the right consultant. To facilitate the match, you can assign tags to requests and consultants, making it easier to find the ‘project manager’ your customer is looking for. Do you have time and materials contracts with your customers? With Nimbus, expense management has never been easier.

Discover the ways in which Nimbus can benefit you

Nimbus is an all-in-one platform, perfect for business managers and secondment firms. As an in-browser tool, Nimbus is highly accessible and user-friendly. It offers you a clear overview of your sales and invoices, your current projects and those in the pipeline, your available consultants or possible candidates. But perhaps you don’t need end-to-end support? In that case, you can acquire Nimbus in one of three packages:

Sourcing for customers

Did you receive a customer request? Just use the CRM and ATS elements of Nimbus to screen potential candidates, propose consultants and freelancers that fit your customers’ needs and follow up on their recruitment process and onboarding.


Do you have vacancies you want to fill for oncoming projects? Use Nimbus as an applicant tracking system to recruit your employees better, smarter, faster.

Project management

Perhaps you just want to manage your consultants and projects. Using Nimbus’ CRM and ERP features, you can set up new projects, manage your consultants’ time spent on a project or on well-deserved holidays, and invoice your customers correctly and transparently.

Nimbus comes with a first-rate service

The biggest benefit of acquiring Nimbus? The consultants behind the platform. If you need support integrating the tool into your workflow, you can count on our TAG consultants, specialised in process management. They can train your employees to work with the platform and outline the necessary processes and feedback frameworks to use it correctly.

Need an end-to-end platform to manage your clients, projects and consultants?

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