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Looking to optimise your company’s asset management? A smart choice, because an efficient asset management system pays in the long term. It allows you to manage assets smarter, boosts your performance and fosters your growth.

TAG can support you in every step of the process, from strategy development to implementation.

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What does TAG offer?

Understanding the context

Since assets sustain the strategy of a company, we initiate any project with an in-depth discussion with senior management to gain insights into the company's strategic goals and value drivers. Our objective is to identify the core assets, which encompass both existing and future value-generating components crucial to the company's strategy.


We conduct a thorough evaluation of the current maturity level of asset management across the five stages of the asset lifecycle (planning, acquiring, using, maintaining and disposing), with a primary focus on core assets. This assessment helps us identify strengths and areas in need of improvement and will provide the foundation for steps three and four.

Objective setting

Working collaboratively with senior management, we establish clear objectives for enhancing the maturity of core assets. This step often involves one or more workshops to ensure alignment with the company's future goals, whilst keeping budget constraints in mind.

Designing the roadmap

TAG will craft a roadmap that outlines the transition from the current state (AS IS) to the desired future state (TO BE). This roadmap is designed to be easily communicated to both internal and external stakeholders, making sure that everybody is informed and aligned before diving into the implementation phase.


Our team of TAG experts in domains such as business architecture, analysis, project management, change management, operational excellence and data governance meticulously follows the roadmap, ensuring a seamless transition and alignment with the jointly established objectives.

Ensuring compliance

Every implemented change is secured through adherence to standards, including processes, documentation, and other relevant protocols.

Continuous follow-up

We consider ourselves partners with our clients, and as such, we maintain an ongoing relationship to monitor progress and ensure our clients are maximizing the returns on their investments.

Why put asset management on top of your priority list?

Companies are increasingly confronted with issues due to inefficient asset management throughout their assets’ lifecycle. Examples of these issues can be very operational - a lack of spare parts can cause production issues – to strategical – a lack of production capacity can cause a loss of goods sold.

With a well set-up asset management system, you can minimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of assets that don’t add value and use this money to invest in assets that ensure sustainable growth and customer connection, a win-win. A company’s maturity in the effective and efficient management of its assets correlates directly with its overall performance.

How long it takes TAG to optimise your asset management?

Specifying a fixed lead time for assignments of this nature poses a challenge, mainly because our approach is tailored to accommodate the needs of each customer. Furthermore, the timeline can vary based on the complexity and scale of the assets involved.

Nevertheless, as a general guideline, the initial high-level stages, from context analysis to objective setting, are typically concluded within a relatively short timeframe. Achieving this requires active involvement from senior management to precisely determine objectives.

Conversely, the length of the implementation phase can differ depending on the gap between the current state and the desired future state. It can span from a few weeks for straightforward alterations to several years for comprehensive transformations that impact every facet of your organization.

What makes TAG different?

TAG sets itself apart from traditional strategy consultancies by transforming strategies into actionable battle plans. Our commitment goes beyond the drawing board; we take on projects from inception to implementation. We do more than execute strategies and provide support and guidance to your employees throughout the process. That way, we fully got your back.

This approach forms the basis of enduring partnerships with our clients, marked by real-world impact and tangible innovation. Quality, pragmatism and an engineering mindset – that’s us!

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