Do you want to invest in new business software, but are you overwhelmed by the IT landscape? Are you looking for a functional analyst to translate your business objectives to IT? Is a migration or installation project on the cards that requires a lot of project management?

TAG analyses and advises your company in the field of IT & development. We look at both existing and build-to-suit solutions. Our consultants bring extra IT expertise to your team at various levels.

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What does TAG offer?

IT Project management

IT project management is not a 'one size fits all' story for TAG. Depending on the context, our project managers can work in waterfall, agile/scrum and hybrid environments. We initiate and manage your IT projects and guarantee implementation within timing, budget and scope.

TAG closely follows the latest IT developments, which gives us a very good feel for what is going on in the market. This is without doubt an added value for your company.

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Functional analysis

We put our analytical minds to work to transform complex and diverse business needs into an understandable functional designs. The TAG consultants document the requirements and translate this into functional specifications for the software engineers. In short, we are the link between business and IT.

At TAG, we go one step further by also guiding the users during the entire development cycle, including training and change management.

Test analysis

Quality assurance is of the utmost importance when it comes to successfull project delivery. Our consultants will help you to define, write and execute test scenarios to guarantee a thorough testing phase.

Software development

Based on detailed specifications, the development team gets to work, creating high-quality and secure software. Custom development, off the shelf software implementation and configuration or complex integrations? Been there, done that!

Our senior software developers have an analytical and above all problem-solving mindset. Every time we deliver a piece of software, it is extensively tested in order to detect errors early. Do you need full-time test support? You can also count on TAG for that.

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