IT Project Management

You’ve decided on a new software program, tool or technological innovation to match your competitive business strategy. Now, it’s time to lay out the scope, budget and planning of your IT project.

That is where our TAG project manager can support you. From defining the outline and goals of your project to managing the technical implementation with the aid of their engineering background.

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What does TAG offer?

Project's purpose

First, our IT project manager sits down with your management to discuss your project’s purpose. What do you hope to achieve by implementing the innovation? Once that has been decided, your project’s scope can be defined.

Clear actions

Our IT project manager will then translate your needs into concrete actions: what needs to be done at what time. They draw up a timeline, your project’s planning, to guide them to a successful delivery.


Finally, they will consider your resources and who will execute which actions. That way, they have a clear overview of everyone’s roles and responsibilities to build and lead your project teams.

What are the benefits of IT project management?

You have decided on using a particular tool to improve your company’s performance, but does it offer the best chance to reach your business goals? An outside project manager helps you answer that question by offering a fresh perspective on your project and critically evaluating if your scope matches your ambitions.

Through close monitoring of your project’s timing, scope and budget, they help ensure a timely and successful delivery while taking into account the typical project pitfalls such as scope creep. However, your project might take a few years to complete. Throughout that time, you might see different consultants come and go. A project manager is your solid rock in these changing times as they ensure a smooth handover with each transition, guarding your project’s planning.

What makes TAG different?

As IT project manager, we’ll collaborate closely with you. That begins with understanding your project’s purpose and assessing its scope. Above all, we want to deliver your project as efficiently as possible.

To that end, we rely on our engineering background and the extensive experience we’ve built in different sectors. But we’re not just technical experts. We excel at interpersonal skills as well, making sure that all relevant stakeholders are informed and aligned throughout the project. Quality results with a hands-on approach, that is how we operate.

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