Our Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Commitments

While I am far from an expert in all things ESG, I deeply care about "the long run". Despite the fact that a respected economist discovered that we will all eventually die in the aforementioned time period, I believe every individual should strive to leave the world a better place.

So, what is my take on these movements and new regulations? William Shakespeare is quoted as saying, “No legacy is so rich as honesty,” so in this respect, I must admit that I have many doubts about the sincerity of many claims on ESG or Corporate Social Responsibility. I also question the rather punitive approach that legislative bodies use to enforce good behaviour. However, as a team we believe that there is some good intent in this (r)evolution and, therefore, decided to get down to business. No nonsense, just results!

Our Purpose is to help our customers solve their business challenges in the short and medium term (<3-5 years) and to make sure that they are successful in their industry! This implies that all TAGgers are focused on bringing the most value to their customers as they possibly can. We are not playing in a number-business, we are dedicated to quality, pragmatism, and the engineering mindset. This means that we are not focused on short-term growth, but on long-term partnerships with our customers, our suppliers and – last but not least – our employees.

Regardless of your current relationship with us, you should understand what we stand for and how we have embedded some important aspects of longevity in our DNA. Feel free to reach out to us if you want to find out for yourself whether we practice what we preach.

Why bother doing this

There is no formal obligation for TAG to report on its ESG actions, nor will we use this for commercial purposes. ESG is not about ticking boxes or applying frameworks, it is about good and responsible behaviour throughout all echelons of the company.  

In Roman law, the concept of Bonus Pater Familias is a guiding principle that acts as beacon for behaviour that you can expect from a reasonable and prudent person in similar circumstances. It is a pragmatic take on how one can define a basic set of principles without trying to describe every possible situation. And that is exactly what this document (in combination with our ten principles) is all about; providing some guidance on what we as a company hold dear. This benchmark behaviour is something that we want to maintain and nurture at TAG throughout the years to come. If explicitly mentioning and communicating this helps achieve this goal, then every word in this document will have a lasting impact.

Peter Verboven
Founder & Chief Culture Officer

Environmental Measures

The environmental footprint of our activities is mostly driven (sic) by the average number of kilometres commuted per employee in combination with the mode of transportation. As is very common practice in our industry, the company car is an essential tool for our consultants. They use their car for their commute to the office or to our customers’ premises located throughout Belgium. Over the last few years, our fleet policy has evolved*:

  • We have a "EU-first" preference for car manufacturers (and other suppliers by the way).

  • We chose for a replacement policy of company cars that is in line with our view on longevity and sustainability. Most cars are not significantly worn out after a four-year period.

  • We have shifted the car policy to full electric and hybrid vehicles: more than 60% of the company fleet already consists of electric vehicles.

Of course, there are other things that impact our carbon footprint; e.g. our offices. In this respect we have our offices in a Business Center that is shared with other companies. The building is equipped with solar panels; our headquarters have the latest generation of LED lighting and heating/cooling systems and we invest in durable office furniture.

On top of this, we actively try to minimize physical printing at the office and are conscious of minimizing food waste. Responsible consumption of the earth’s resources is shared by all employees; not only when ordering catering for meetings or for events, but also on a daily basis by avoiding disposable cups or packaging, or just simply carpooling whenever possible...

Keep in mind that common sense will always prevail in all of our endeavours: we prefer a rational approach over following trends and hypes. After all, we are still engineers.

*The underlying driver for this was the new fiscal legislation, not conscious choice! Let’s be honest… In this respect, it is good to point out that any future changes to our policies are not only dependent on e.g. the potential breakthrough of hydrogen cars, but mostly on the evolution of extra-legal benefits and the fiscal scheme promoting specific measures in Belgium.

Social Measures

Our impact on society and external stakeholders is something we are conscious about. We carefully select suppliers and customers that share our long-term perspective whenever possible. We also focus on establishing lasting and honest relationships with all stakeholders.

On the pursuit of knowledge

As the world changes faster and faster, adaptation becomes crucial. We invest heavily in continuous learning and on-the-job training, core pillars of our HR policy and in line with our company values. External partnerships with academic institutions and other training providers are essential to make this happen.

Giving back to others

We are committed to quality results, but we are also aware of the fact that we are in a privileged position. On a regular basis, we choose to organise events that are not the standard teambuilding; ranging from blood donations to helping out charity organizations, TAG chooses to participate in a positive way with society. Not only by putting money on the table, but by actually putting real effort into it.

On decent work (and having fun while doing it)

All our employees work in sedentary professions, limiting exposure to dangerous situations or substances. While the main risks in our line of work are psychological, we prioritize maintaining a healthy work-life balance (family always comes first!). However, ensuring consistent quality demands dedication beyond the ordinary.

TAG continues to invest in first-class, ergonomically designed offices with added computer screens and peripheral devices. We provide a calm and soothing environment to enhance focus, and our lighting design minimizes eye fatigue. Not to forget our efforts to accommodate our employees with a plethora of fun events. Our offices also offer a variety of snacks, including fruits for healthy options, as well as cookies, beer, and chocolate. Why? After all, we are still Burgundians.

Governance Measures

"I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.”
- Socrates

Last but not least, we would like to share some of the checks and balances in our daily operations to ensure that the Bonus Pater Familias is present at all levels of the organisation. This may seem excessive for a small consultancy, but power tends to corrupt. In this respect we have implemented the following instruments:

Employee Shareholdership

Our employees have the opportunity to become shareholders of TAG once every year. This system fosters a broader long-term commitment of TAG towards its employees and vice versa.

External Board of Advisors

Every captain needs a compass. In this case, the board of external advisors tracks progress of the strategic plan on a quarterly basis and helps untie the infamous Gordian Knots that the management team encounter.

Our values and the role of the Chief Culture Officer

Our company values are communicated to all stakeholders as we are proud of our DNA. We have a Chief Culture Officer responsible for preserving the company culture while supporting our growth ambitions. Our culture is integrated into our recruitment and onboarding processes.

Our Management Philosophy

At TAG, we uphold meritocracy as a guiding principle, ensuring that every team member has the opportunity to grow. Our management approach is built on clear roles and structured guidance to ensure that every individual has a level playing field to achieve excellence. This creates a balanced management approach that addresses both the immediate and long-term needs of our team members, ensuring that decision-making processes regarding evaluations and HR matters do not depend on one person.

Same holds for specific financial processes. We have built in the necessary mechanisms and policies to avoid corruption, bribery and/or financial misconduct.


Open communication and direct feedback are core values at TAG. It's a two-way street: TAG communicates transparently with its employees about the company's strategy, financial health, and specific events, even when the message is less positive.

We have implemented various events such as the State of the Union at the beginning of each calendar year, and quarterly TAG-days, which combine training, team-building, and business updates. Lastly, the Monthly Monday Meeting (MMM) is our platform for comprehensive operational updates. Since our company's founding, the Monthly Monday Meeting has served as the platform for discussing personnel changes, new customer acquisitions, and – of course – specific project highlights. After all, we are still engineers.

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