Life @ TAG

TAG’s consultants deliver high-quality results, love to support colleagues and celebrate the weekend with our own beer. This is life at TAG.

Meet your TAG colleagues

At TAG, challenge and fun go hand in hand. Take a break with a game of table football, share lunch with your colleagues, or celebrate the weekend at our very own bar. Work hard, play hard, that is our motto. Need a hand with something? Your colleagues will gladly help you out. No locked doors here.  Shared experience, that’s how we excel.

Your career after TAG

Consultancy is all about discovery. And maybe, a few years down the line, you’ll come across a specific industry or job title that more closely fits your career desires.

We understand that. And we’re proud to say that our former TAG consultants leave our team with a richer skill set and a broader network which allows them to thrive in any company or on their own.

Former Team Manager

‘When I worked at TAG, I took charge of a significant project in the energy sector. It gave me valuable insights into managing projects and leading teams. I also got to present in front of our client's top executives, improving my communication skills with essential stakeholders. The skills and knowledge I gained from this assignment are still crucial in my daily work.’

Former Consultant

‘At TAG, I learned a great deal about project management and business analysis. I apply the knowledge and skills I gained there on a daily basis in my current role, which concerns the development of the future products and processes of my company’s business line.’

Start your career at TAG and make an impact.

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