Our 10 principles

Our Purpose is to help our customers solve their business challenges in the short and medium term (<3-5 years) and to make sure that they are successful in their industry! We live by the following principles:


A total and uncompromised commitment to quality is the bedrock of our company. We strive to deliver services that meet the highest standards of excellence.


In our way of working: We are pragmatic problem solvers. We tackle issues with feasible, real-world solutions that drive results. guided by common sense and simplicity. We reject shortcuts and unnecessary complexity.

Engineering Mindset

We approach challenges with the rigor and analytical mindset of an engineer. We master the art of “practical wisdom”.

Building Exceptional Teams

We bring together teams of individuals who can surpass our own capabilities. Our success is not only measured by the quality of our individuals, but by the quality of our teams.

Honesty & Direct Feedback

We help our customers and colleagues improve themselves through a culture of open communication and direct feedback.


Our customer is at the heart of everything we do. We work to provide support from strategy to implementation, from thought to finish.

Nurturing Talent

Our people are our most valuable assets. We invest in their growth and reward their talents and hard work. Meritocracy is an essential part of the TAG DNA.

Continuous Improvement

We relentlessly pursue excellence. We are never fully satisfied with our results, and we believe that our dedication will provide a sustainable competitive advantage.


Engineering solutions is not the only thing we do; we foster a dynamic and enjoyable work environment, where collaboration and fun go hand in hand. We lend a helping hand to our colleagues when needed.

We take personal responsibility and ownership for our company's results and success. Results, not excuses. 

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