Business analyst

Are you curious about new market opportunities? Do you want to optimise your workflow or improve your cost-effectiveness? A business analyst offers you a fresh strategic insight to better understand your business needs, draws up a plan of action and ensures stakeholder collaboration to solve your particular business needs.

Need support to reach your business goals? Our business analyst dives into your company to provide you with a customised solution.

Do you need help to reach you business goals?

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How does a TAG business analyst proceed?

Understanding the client

Our consultant meets with you in different intake sessions to map out your situation as is. What obstacles are you facing? What are your ambitions and priorities? Who are the relevant stakeholders? Having a complete overview allows our consultant to identify possible business solutions that fit your specific requirements.

Finding the solution

Perhaps new software is the best way to increase your efficiency, or an organisational change is needed to improve your workflow. Our consultant considers possible solutions and selects the ones that best fit your needs in terms of costs, quality and efficiency.

Offering advice

After identifying the solutions, we present them to you. Because you make the final call. Of course, we do offer our advice, using our keen understanding of industry trends and business dynamics. For each solution, we clearly enumerate the pros and cons. That way, you can make an informed choice with confidence.

Implementing the solution

At TAG, we like to be involved in a project as early as possible and right up until the end. We won’t leave you hanging after proposing a solution; we also take up the responsibility of facilitating and monitoring its implementation. Our hands-on business analyst draws up a plan of action and collaborates closely with your teams to ensure a successful integration of the solution into your operations.

Providing aftercare

After implementation, our consultant sticks around for just a little longer to offer your employees support in case any issues crop up. They will continue to evaluate and fine-tune the solution until the required results are met.

Why do you need a business analyst?

Tackling a business problem efficiently requires a strategic approach. A business analyst dives into your company’s operations to map out your processes and identify what business areas can be improved.

But that’s not all. To ensure a solution’s success, they also bridge the gap between your strategy and the teams that execute it, making sure all stakeholders are aligned.

What are the benefits of hiring a TAG business analyst?

Hiring an outside consultant like TAG can offer you a fresh perspective on your business structure and processes. Our consultants have supported businesses of all sizes and in different industries, providing them with valuable experience and best practices that they’ll happily implement in your work environment.

Finally, we pride ourselves on being tech independent. We don’t narrow ourselves by applying just one method or framework to solve your business problems. We’re open-minded and select the best tool available to meet your specific business needs.

Need support to reach your business goals?

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