Change management

You’ve decided on a new strategy to conquer your market or new technology to improve your workflow. Great! However, effectively implementing these changes requires the full support of all relevant employees and stakeholders.

TAG consultants can support you in realising successful change management, on a technical and interpersonal level.

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What does TAG offer?

Employee involvement

With every change comes fear and loss of familiarity which can result in resistance. That is why our consultant makes sure to sufficiently involve your employees in the changes ahead by listening to their concerns and suggestions, and clearly communicating how or if their workflow will be affected.

Executive engagement

Leadership inspires, so it is crucial that your management understands the need for these changes and fully supports them. If necessary, our consultant sits down with your management to assess your desired to-be situation and if the proposed changes match your business’ larger strategy.

Project management

Aside from the interpersonal aspect of change management, our consultant also supports you in the practical realisation of the change. Which employees need training on the project? What steps are needed to realise it? Do we need to organise trainings or workshops for your employees? How do we align the change with your existing company culture? Our consultant helps bridge the practical gap between plan and execution.

Why is change management support necessary?

A new tool or technology might be more efficient, but only if your employees fully understand how and why their workflow has changed. An external consultant can help prepare your employees for the changes ahead through clear and timely communication and offering training on how to use the new tool, ensuring that they are entirely on board with your new and improved way of working.

Of course, the scheduled innovation might also be technically challenging to implement. Our TAG consultants are trained engineers and have the necessary skills to support you in the technical aspects of change management.

What makes TAG different?

TAG supports you as a one-stop shop. We help prepare your employees for the changes ahead while also making sure that any technical innovation or structural reorganisation is executed correctly and smoothly.

Thanks to our engineering background, we have a sound technical understanding of the to be implemented changes while possessing the necessary interpersonal skills to convey their added value and necessity in a clear and accessible way. Technical experts with a human touch, that’s TAG!

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