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Do you need support aligning your high-level business strategies with your company’s processes, capabilities and technologies? A business architect offers holistic insight into your business organisation to guide your strategic decision-making and offers support in translating your strategy and vision into a transparent and tangible action plan.

Do you want to align your company’s operations with your high-level business strategy? Our business architect offers the necessary advice and support to turn your strategies into tangible results. 

Do you need help to translate your strategy into tangible results?

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How does a TAG business architect proceed?

Understanding your business

To offer you tailored advice and support, our business architect needs to have a clear understanding of your company’s workings. Depending on your needs, they will map out different aspects of your organisation, from capability mapping to value stream mapping and draw up a visual model that illustrates how these interact and relate to your overall business strategy.

Deciding the next steps

Now that our consultant knows your company’s as-is situation, it’s necessary to determine what your desired to-be situation is. What are your ambitions? What is your strategy and vision? Collaborating closely with your management, our consultant will translate your ambitions into a tailored, coordinated and effective roadmap that lays out in detail the next steps to be taken and the scope, budget and timing of this project.

Guarding your strategy

Once your project has been set up, our consultant stays close to monitor its successful execution, making sure that every decision made throughout the project aligns with your larger strategy and vision. Do you need additional support to tackle business challenges on a smaller organisational level? Our consultants have the skills to operate as both business architects and analysts to ensure full coverage of your project.

Why would you need a business architect?

You want to launch new products, expand your market horizon or adapt your IT processes on a large scale. These are high-level strategic decisions that require careful consideration. A business architect can offer you the much-needed insight and advice to clarify your strategy and confidently execute your plans.

By mapping out your processes and value streams on an enterprise level, a business architect helps you connect the dots and expose change impacts. What processes are redundant or in need of change? What kind of reorganisation is needed to achieve your business goals? What capabilities need more attention? They help you create more effective transformation roadmaps and determine what actions you need to take to align every level within your company with your overarching strategy.

What makes TAG different from other business architects?

After we’ve determined the next steps for your business strategy, we can go a step further and offer hands-on support during the execution of the roadmap, or by zooming in on specific business problems and solving them with tailored solutions.

Additionally, our consultants have built up considerable experience in many different sectors and industries which allows them to implement the best practices in your work environment.

Want to align your operations with your business strategy?

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