TAG Recap: September – October 2023

Over the last weeks, TAG has been very busy behind the scenes. We shared a more in-depth look into TAG’s expertise and unique approach through testimonials, blogs, and social media posts. Did you miss some of our insights? No need to worry. We help you stay updated with an overview of the latest highlights, from a video testimonial by founder Peter Verboven to a blog dedicated to the sectors we specialise in. Read on and get to know TAG more fully.

What does TAG do?

Who better to answer a question as big as this than our founder, Peter Verboven. In this video testimonial, he explains why TAG is so much more than a strategy consultancy firm, what makes TAG’s vision singular and what its plans are for the future.

Sit back and learn all about TAG’s vision and ambition.  

What does TAG offer young graduates?

Now, that’s easier to answer. To help junior consultants start up their first project with success, we immerse them in a hands-on boot camp week that prepares them for the challenges of real-life consultancy. What about new TAG consultants with existing experience? They can join our intermediate consultants during Reboot, a training event that takes place simultaneously and includes courses developed by Flanders Business School to further their skill set.

Read our latest blog and discover how our Bootcamp and Reboot make a difference.

Go to the blog

What are the growth opportunities at TAG?

We invest in continuous learning. Why? Because we want our consultants to keep their edge and our service to stay high-quality. To that aim, we offer our seniors the opportunity to carve out their career paths and develop their best skills. Senior Martin Camerman is happy to tell you exactly how.

Read his testimonial and learn about the possible career paths at TAG.

Read the testimonial

What is something you didn’t know about us?

Asset management has become increasingly essential to a business’s growth. TAG can help to optimise it. By investing in asset management, enterprises can manage costs smarter, boost performance and increase employee happiness. TAG is there to evaluate the current system and improve it every step of the way, from business analysis to project management.

The previous summer, our TAG interns immersed themselves in asset management and developed tools our consultants could use. All of this within a month.

Sounds like your kind of internship?

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