Tactical advisor with focus

In today’s business landscape, customer needs and market demands shift continuously. To keep a competitive edge and ensure operational efficiency, business transformations are crucial. That is where TAG comes in. By specialising in the energy, retail and healthcare sectors, our TAG business analysts and project managers know exactly what these businesses need to be prepared for the future. We meet those needs with a calculated strategy, turn it into a hands-on battle plan and execute projects end to end.

We support the energy and utilities industry

In every sector, there’s a different driver for innovation. In the energy and utilities industry, the shift to renewable energy has had an enormous impact on operating processes and business tools. The challenge here is navigating the transformation without getting lost in the details. TAG has supported energy providers, grid operators and utility companies using a holistic approach, adapting processes, technology and data while keeping an eye on the human factor. A complex process that requires in-depth market knowledge to achieve successful results.

We assist retail businesses

Ever since COVID, e-commerce has boomed in the retail sector. Supermarkets, food manufacturers and departmental stores all had to adapt their business models. Now, products have to be delivered at a specific location and time, even on a subscription basis, forcing companies to innovate their ERP systems and supply chains. Because ERP systems are highly configurable, having previous experience with a tool can considerably facilitate the process. TAG has that knowledge in-house and has applied it to implement both change management and asset management in the Belgian retail sector.

We service the healthcare sector

There is no other sector where business innovation is more needed than healthcare. Investing in patient care and new medical technologies requires a tactical approach. Gathering data is one thing. Analysing it with insight and putting it into practice is a different task entirely. That is where TAG can help out. From healthcare facilities to pharmaceutical companies, our consultants can support medical industries by innovating their processes through tactical data analytics and smooth digital integrations.

“TAG chooses to dive deep into the energy, retail and healthcare sectors. That way, we can offer customised solutions that are not just theoretically sound, but also effective in practice. Add to that our engineers’ intimate and up-to-date knowledge of these sectors, and we are able to take on challenges with a result-driven strategy.”

- Founder Peter Verboven

TAG, your partner in transformation and innovation

A business transformation or innovation is a complex and delicate process. By collaborating with an external consultant such as TAG you bring in a fresh external perspective as well as extensive experience and expertise to ensure the project’s successful realisation. Because of our end-to-end approach, we support our clients on a long-term basis. This allows us to ensure quality in every step of the process, from strategy to implementation to aftercare. The end goal? Providing lasting results that allow you to become best in class in your industry.  

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