What is TAG’s application process like?

Interested in becoming a business consultant at TAG? Want to know what the application procedure is like? With each new consultant, we aim for a 100% match with the TAG DNA and culture. That is why our application process consists of three interviews. That way, you can get thoroughly acquainted with us and we with you. Talent Program Manager Jelle gives you an in-depth look at every step.

Three interview rounds for a perfect match

We want you to start at TAG with the right skills, mindset and motivation. To evaluate all of those, we chose to include three interview rounds in our application procedure. It’s a thorough process that gives you a fair impression of our way of working, our colleagues and our culture, reflecting our motto: no nonsense, just results. And it allows us to assess accurately if we are meant to be.

Interview one I Do you have the TAG DNA?

To ensure your first interview goes smoothly, our HR team will call you beforehand. They’ll give you tips on how to prepare correctly and check some practical details with you, such as your address, when you could start, etc. That way, we can already align job expectations.

For the actual interview, you’ll meet with one of our team managers to discuss the job specifics. You’ll be able to ask questions and get a better understanding of what a business consultant does and what projects we do. Our focus in the interview? Assessing if you have the TAG DNA. During the interview, you’ll get a better idea whether TAG and the job content is your thing.

Interview two I What are you made of?

If you made it to the second interview, that means you’re a TAG consultant at heart. But do you possess the necessary skills for our projects and how coachable are you? That’s what we want to evaluate with this second interview, centred around solving a business case. For this interview, you’ll either meet with our Director or with me.

Interview three I Are we meant to be?

Finally, there is a third interview with founder Peter Verboven. He will check the cultural fit. Are you a match with our company culture? Are your career ambitions in line with those of TAG? It’s an open dialogue where you get to ask any remaining questions. If all goes well, you’ll move on to the final and most fun step of the application process: contract signing.

Application tip from Jelle
“Prepare for your first interview by doing research on your interviewer, the responsibilities of a TAG consultant, our sectors and clients, and so on. It’s perfectly fine to write these things down, including questions you might have, and bring them with you to the interview. That way, you have a handy checklist during the conversation.”

What do we look for in our candidates?

TAG has three powerful values which we want every starting business consultant to embody: quality, pragmatism and an engineering mindset. To be more specific, we’re looking for engineer graduates who are eager to learn and driven to excel. You want to exceed expectations and deliver high-quality results. To do so, you apply a practical problem-solving attitude and an analytical mindset. That is how the ideal TAGger thinks and operates. Sounds like you?

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Get to know Jelle

Talent Program Manager Jelle is responsible for creating TAG’s talent program, intended to form starting TAG consultants into qualitative consultants who can operate independently and deliver the best outcome to our customers. The cornerstones of the program are: training, individual coaching and an open feedback.

Do you have a question about consultancy or applying at TAG? Jelle gladly helps you out.

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