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As a TAG consultant, you’ll solve exciting customer cases for a variety of projects and in a range of roles, from business analyst to project manager. That way, you can discover what part of consultancy makes your heart beat faster. 

But that’s not everything. TAG specialises in three booming business industries. Each of these offers unique challenges and opportunities. Choose one to specialise in or switch from sector to sector to expand your skill set. Where do you want to make an impact?

As consultants, we are not passers-by with our customers, but always try to work with them in the long term. We like to think about our customers' strategies, we are masters in developing projects at a tactical level and are only fully satisfied when solutions have also been fully embraced in the operations. Our purpose is to make our customers successful in their industry.

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Project Roles
Business Analyst

A business analyst is responsible for analysing data, processes and systems within an organisation. Effective communication, attention to detail, and a willingness to learn are key attributes for success in this role as they support decision-making and project implementation.

Functional Analyst

A functional analyst is specialised in understanding and documenting the functional requirements of a system or software application. Working closely with stakeholders to gather, analyse and translate business needs into technical specifications is essential.

Project Manager

A project manager oversees the planning,execution, and completion of the project. (S)he is responsible for defining the project scope, setting timelines and allocating resources effectively. Additionally, the project manager ensures the project outcomes are meeting the quality standards and stakeholder expectations.

Data Analyst

A data analyst examines data sets to extract meaningful insights and inform decision-making processes. (S)he utilises various analytical techniques and tools to clean, process, and analyse data, identify trends, patterns and correlations. They also play a key role in generating reports, visualizations, and dashboards.

Test Analyst

A test analyst is responsible for ensuring the quality and reliability of software or systems. (S)he develops test plans and scenarios to systematically evaluate functionality, performance and security. (S)he executes tests, identifies defects or issues and collaborates with development teams to resolve them.

Your professional development

TAG supports you from day one. Your team manager and coach are there to ensure the success of your first projects and your awesome colleagues are always open to exchange ideas.

Is there a specific role or sector you want to specialise in? We offer plenty of trainings and a training budget so you can achieve your set career goals. Go get ‘em!

Learn more about life as a consultant

Your career after TAG

Consultancy is all about discovery. And maybe, a few years down the line, you’ll come across a specific industry or job title that more closely fits your career desires.

We understand that. And we’re proud to say that our former TAG consultants leave our team with a richer skill set and a broader network which allows them to thrive in any company or on their own.

Former Team Manager

‘When I worked at TAG, I took charge of a significant project in the energy sector. It gave me valuable insights into managing projects and leading teams. I also got to present in front of our client's top executives, improving my communication skills with essential stakeholders. The skills and knowledge I gained from this assignment are still crucial in my daily work.’

Former Consultant

At TAG, I learned a great deal about project management and business analysis. I apply the knowledge and skills I gained there on a daily basis in my current role, which concerns the development of the future products and processes of my company’s business line.

Your application journey
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5. Are we meant to be?
6. Contract signing and onboarding

The most common questions

Want to know more about being a consultant at TAG? We’ve bundled the most commonly asked questions for you below.

Do I need to be familiar with a specific tool or consultancy method to start at TAG?
How long will I work on a project as a consultant?
What type of projects will I work on at TAG?
What do I need to prepare for a 1st round interview
What training options does TAG offer?

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