About us

Our company 

The Dream (our Vision):

A couple of years ago, most of the members from the “ground zero” team were still working at large-scale, very structured and well-established names in the consulting industry. Although it is undeniable that those companies offer a vast range of career options and wide range of projects to choose from, we were still lacking one basic thing that makes our clock tick: impact!

Impact. Not only on your customers, but also on your colleagues, your company, your career. This is our dream; to build a company in which we grow at a steady, sustainable pace while at the same time empowering our employees to grow with us. We want all of our people to really come on board and do more than just their job. We encourage entrepreneurship and we firmly believe in the benefits of a meritocracy.

The “why we do what we do” (our Mission):

Starting a business is not easy – trying to be a small player in a “big-boys market” is even harder. Differentiation is one of those buzzwords that any strategy course will throw at you, no need to be a management consultant to understand that. We want to be different in the way we handle things; but not with regard to on frameworks or big theories… We want to be different in the way we approach any project at our customer: straightforward, structured and using common sense. Therefore, our mission statement is pretty easy: No nonsense, let’s get things done!

And now more specific (Objectives):

By 2019; we want to be:

  • Recognised by our employees and potential candidates as a great place to work
  • A reference as a strong brand in our line of work; we will not be a “tier-1 strategy boutique” but a valuable alternative to the big boys in the industry.
  • Appreciated as being hard-working, honest and hands-on consultants; with the right mind-set and a can-do mentality

Our Team 

Non-conformist, hands-on, entrepreneurial, energetic and maybe just a bit off… That’s Tactical Advisory Group in a nutshell. We are a young consultancy firm – founded in 2014 – providing Management and Business Consulting Services in Belgium and abroad.

In what we do, we accept no compromise. Linkedin’s CEO Jeff Weiner couldn’t have put it better in his article: we like to work with people that get things done, people that dream big and most of all people that know how to have fun…




Our People

Peter Verboven – Managing Partner
A honest, straightforward and people-oriented Engagement Manager with highly developed Soft Skills and a strong technical background. Experience in managing projects (both fixed price as well as time and means) and dealing with complex topics.

John-Sebastian Peeters – Partner
A Management and Operations Consultant with extensive experience in Business Management, Team Management, Process Management and Program Management.

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